Write for Wellness is an online therapeutic group that enables the individual to gain a holistic view and gain insight that contributes to the solution of the daily problems of the individual as well as the problems they have not overcome by using the methods of language, literature and psychotherapy.

Just like the “Amplification” method used by Carl Gustav Jung in dream analysis in Analytical Psychology, Write for Wellness creates transformations by ensuring that the individual’s problems are understood in a broader framework and associated with some motifs of culture and archetypal processes.

In the group, a topic/word is chosen each week, and a 1-2 page literary text (story, poem, essay, letter, dialogue, play, etc.) is required to be written. This topic/word is also an archetypal symbol. When thinking about the meaning of an archetypal symbol, it can be helpful to look at it as if you were looking at a work of art.

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Our Facilitator

Dr. Murat Kemaloglu

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