She acting like ıt’s as if had never living today what event changed her life and didn’t witness with this.she came to her apartman’s door and look at the keys like she never see before this keys. But she think “i use this keys everydaybut why ı feel so alineted from each of them” then found right key and opened the door. She didn’t atempt to turn on lights. She didn’t want to see cloudiness in her head and darkness in her heart.
She closed the door and sat right there on the floor. She put her back on the Wall and staring Wall opposite to herself. For a time watch empty Wall. After a while she realized light on the Wall came from so far than pierce and pass through her chest. She didn’t understand diffrent between light came from so far and came from her heart and soul.
Light became the vision of window when she looking with attention. Then she saw the women in the window looked her kindness and started talking.
“ do you think this betrayel is your fault? Do you think you live this because of your mistakes?maybe you think he choose coming person who betrayed to you but ıt’s based on you.
This all thought are wrong. You know that. You think like this just because ıt’s easier the blame yourself. You gave permission to him destroy person who enjoy every moment and person who dance no matter who sees and person with the joy of life in her eyes. You just watch when he put into shadows that beautiful person you have. You are first person betray you because of all this. Right now you dont mad at him, you don’t crying or yelling. You don’t showing piece of emotion you just accept like every time you do. You think you don’t Show loyality yourself than why others do this for you. But i want to you know that he control his action instrest you and your can’t take responsibilityfor his actions. But ı know someone who you take hers.”
Then women in the window stopped talking and looked her eyes. All the visions and lights fill her inside with her every breath. She closed her eyes to afraid of miss a speck of light. Then she started to cring. But this tears not about sadness. It’s about joy. Joy of remember all good things about herself.she stand up to floor and goes for meeting who realy she is.

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