Two men are walking in a dark room silently. After a while, they see a huge painting illuminated by the light above it. For a few minutes, they only observe the painting and then the first man breaks the silence and says, “What an ugly painting!” The second man repelis “Nah, I heard the painter spent years making this painting.It would break my heart to know that someone worked so hard on me and I’m still ugly. Also, look deeper, everything is so detailed! I can even see the wrinkles of the old woman on the right. It is magnificent and one of a kind. In addition, there are thousands of articles about it and many people around the world come to see it.” The first man looks at it again and says “Wow, really? It must feel good. I would be so proud of myself and a little bit spoiled to be honest if I knew that I am that special.” The second man nods and they continue walking. After a while, they see a different painting in the distance. However, when they approach it, they realize that it is a mirror. They stand in front of the mirror and watch themselves and each other for a while. The first man says “You know what? In this dim light, you look like a villain. Do you want to kill me?” The second man laughs and replies with a mysterious smile “Maybe.” Even though the first man knows it’s a joke, he can’t help getting goosebumps. After this, they continue looking at the mirror. The second man suddenly says “You look happy.” to the first man who looks at himself deeply in the mirror. The first man looks at the second man in surprise and says, “Really?” The second man answers “Yes, you must be having a good time.” Then, the first man looks at the mirror again and sees his own smiling face. Then says, “Yeah, I’m happy.”

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