In Mexico, frustration,
after the Constitution of 1824
subverted the dreams of independence
by countless revolutions

In the 1960’s every woman
who loved eating was frustrated
after seeing Twiggy
in fashion magazine pages
the desire to be skinny
along with dissatisfaction
caused a pandemic of anorexia

The struggle of competing with Barbie
effectively threw away
all the gains of suffragists
more adequately than
efforts of male-dominated parliaments

In the twenty first century
women would like to put back the clock
with the desire to become a Mexican
they can’t bear the frustration
caused by the conservative governments’
falsifying new laws
engulfing Women’s Rights

Time to subvert the reign of male chauvinists’
to embrace our sisters
around the World regardless of their
race, religion and skin colours

Muhsine Arda
August 28, 2021

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