In the words of Shakespeare –

« the most unkindest cut of all «

History has provided famous examples –

The betrayal of Jesus by Judas who was the « beloved disciple « according to the gospel of John

The betrayal of Julius Caesar by his close friend Brutus

The betrayal of the French nation by the respected and revered VVW1 hero, Philippe Pétain, who capitulated to the Nazis in 1940 and agreed to the occupation, the deportation of French jews, the spoliation of resources and the Service of Compulsory Work for all French males.

Nearer to us all, the banal, but equally painful stories of women or men who betrayed the trust of their partners, leading double lives and often setting up a second family with children.

The key word in every betrayal is TRUST.

We place our trust in someone or something who or which proves to be unworthy of it, creating the feeling of devastation. Our world has come to an end, there is no way out.
But this is not always true. Help can be at hand. Worlds can be rebuilt. Humanity has the capacity to bounce back even when all hope seems to have vanished. As the popular saying tells us –

Even the longest lane has a turning


Beverly Barbey
6th September 2021

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