It was one of their routine father-and-son activities which they had been doing for the past
several months. This time they decided to visit a construction store to buy some repair tools
for their home. As their car stopped in front of the store and when his son saw the store’s
signboard written “Koçtaş”, the son was very excited and impatient to visit the store. Since
his early childhood, the son was perceiving construction stores as much in love as what the
other kids were perceiving Disneyland or Legoland. Now, at the age of four, he was more
and more excited to visit these kinds of stores.

While entering the store, they put their mask on and started wondering around. Although
the son was short, he had an eagle eye and managed to see any repair tool even it was
located in the upper shelves.

Son: Oh dad, look! This is a great hammer, we should get one.
Father: Well, I agree, it is a nice one but we already have one at home.
Son: Hey dad, please come here now. I have found a great screwdriver set. We
need this set in order to repair our broken window.
Father: Definitely, we need screwdrivers to repair the window but the one at home
will be sufficient for us.
Son: Heyyyy dad, you should come and check this great toilet bowl.
Father: (With a smile on his face) Wooow, it is really a great one. Let’s keep it in mind
and buy it when ours is broken.
Son: Daaad, dad, come on. I’ve found a perfect wall paint brush, we should buy at
least two. One for me and one for my sister.
Father: They’re really beautiful. We will buy them next time when we are going to
paint our house or garden.
Son: Dad, please check these reading lamps. They are great in colour and all of us
need one.

This time, the father could not resist his son anymore and decided to buy the reading lamps.
After refusing all his son’s demand until now, he was now fired up and even decided to buy
one for each of his family members. He paid a total of 500 Liras for these reading lamps that
he thought would never be used.

Although the father-and-son activity costed him 500 liras, he had very nice,
unforgettable, funny memories with his son. It was worth it. He admired his son’s
admiration for very simple things and his being full of energy. He loves spending time with
his kids, but next time he should be more strong-willed.


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