(The worst place to stay in was her mind …)
A girl brought to the hospital she was not responding to anything, after few tests they found out she was in a come
He is a doctor with big interest in technology, and new technology devices that is being used in medicine field.
She was in a coma, but he wanted to know if her mind was working or not, if she was a live or dead, does even the minds work while you’re in a coma? After the new technology was made, he was able to finally know the answer and he was able to get inside her kind.
It was very dark and chaotic, he kept walking and he saw a door, he went in
He saw her arguing with her family fighting like they never fought before, then she took her belongings and she left their house with no intention to return to that hell house… after few days her father fired her and stopped giving her any money with a big since that she was not used to it, few minutes her mom called her for the 100 time she decided to pick it up this time, her mom kept yelling, telling her how she is shameful of her behavior and then the call dropped all of a sudden .. another call was from her sister screaming at her “YOU KILLED MOM! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU AND I WILL DISTROY YOUR LIFE EVEN IF IT WAS THE ONLY THING, I’LL DO IN MY LIFE!”.
But she tried to keep herself strong, trying to figure how to survive and live away from all the toxicity that was and is sounding her …
She looked at her dog with eyes filled with tears telling him “I promise it will get better”, then hugged him and slept.
The door shut Infront of him, he was surprised that her mind keeps remembering her past and she was alive, but also curies if that was the cause of her Coma, when he was back her family said nothing like that ever happened and she was still living with them.
Then he realizes it was just her worries and thoughts of the future in her mind not the past and she is stuck in it, the worst place to stay in was her mind.


Fatimah Al Naami

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