Many may know what wasiting life is with their habits, their thoughts, their effort of people pleasing or many more other things..
For me wasiting life is what is happing at this moment when I’m trying to write and all I’m thinking about …
How should i write?
What if they don’t like it?
What if i was a joke?
What if i have a bad grammar?
Do i even know how to write? And many more thoughts, but i was able to write this
Wasting life
What is wasting life really is
Is it the time while waiting for a change but there is nothing but pain?
Is it the time while trying to get up of bed but there is no strength there is nothing but a body filled with heavy rocks and a gravity that has increased 100%?
Is it when you work so hard on relationships whether it was with family member a friend or more but ending in losing the person, memory and time?
Is it going with someone but you know it will end with nothing?

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